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    GS-JJ Custom Lapel Pins Design Online


    Why Custom Lapel Pins Design Online

    As custom pins become more and more widely used, they have become a regular promotional tool. Most customers have their own ideas about their custom pins, while they don't know how to design their pins professionally. In order to make design and order lapel pins easy, we developed an online system that integrates rapid design and order. Customers can do custom lapel pins design online at any time any place they want. Just enter the easy-to-use system and choose from our selection of well-designed templates and elements of various themes, your marvelous designs can be created and ordered in just a few clicks!

    Why Choose GS-JJ.com

    GS-JJ's online design system is one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-use systems in the custom promotional gift industry. You only need three or four steps to create a unique design. Simple and clear design interface, hundreds of templates and elements, you can not only experience the fun of design but also complete your own artworks. This easy way of pin customization allows you to get creative and save your time. Use our online design system to turn a small idea into an incredible custom pin step by step…

    Massive Template and Elements

    Our design templates are beautifully designed by our professional design team; they can meet both popular themes and minority preferences. Thousands of templates and elements are all free and ready to use. You can use them directly or get inspired by them.


    Quick Creating and Editing

    Three ways of quick creation:
    1. Select a template and apply our template to demonstrate, keep the available design, delete the useless elements, and then add or upload new elements to the design draft, drag the location, and change the color.
    2. Select multiple elements to combine directly, input text and change the color;
    3. Upload your design and fine-tune it online with our system. Whether you are a designer or not, you can make great designs! 

    Save & Preview Design Draft

    The design system has two very useful functions: save and preview. Save online, it is convenient for you to customize the same product multiple times. Only need to log in account and find the artwork designed and saved. Online preview, preview the various plating effects of the pin design and choose the best plating for your design.


    Quote or Order

    The GS-JJ design system perfectly combines the three functions of design, quotation, and order. Experience the one-stop customized service, eliminating the need for multi-time operations. Our comfortable design and the customized system will definitely allow you to experience the joy of shopping.

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